What is Insulating Glass?
      Insulating Glass is an extremely energy efficient type of glass, suitable for use in doors, windows, shop fronts etc. At Insulating Glass, we work with all types of clients, domestic, commercial, industrial etc. We can carry out an assessment of your existing glazing and let you know how well / poorly it is performing.

      The problem with most windows is that they are the cause of a huge amount of heat loss. A standard window can allow heat loss of more than 25%. Heat will always flow from hot to cold, which is why it can be so difficult to contain. In summer, heat enters the building and during winter it leaves it. Heat can be lost through the smallest of cracks and even through the glass itself. Insulating glass helps to prevent this. With insulating glass, visible light is allowed to enter the property, whilst blocking solar heat. It also blocks most of the harmful UV light from entering the building. Heat from inside the building reflects off the glass, keeping it within.

      There are a huge number of benefits to installing insulating glass, including saving money on energy bills and contributing to a better environment. Find out more here.